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Good Spirits of Farstriders

Good Spirits is a casual progression guild on the Farstriders server. Our characters might be everything from mortal enemies to lifelong companions, but as players we're all friends here. We log in to have a good time, and we pride ourselves on being low-pressure.

We are seeking: Horde players of all races, classes, and levels who are looking for a mature and friendly environment. We don't have any quotas to fill, and we're going to keep it that way.

When creating an account, please use your character-name. Guildomatic uses the character ranks to assign forum permissions and the like. The guild roster is online and occasionally updated. Thanks!

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Legion Plans?
06/24/2016 04:28 PM by Tenaya

Greetings, all,
We are currently at our lowest level of activity in many years, despite the recent Warcraft movie release promo and imminent release of the pre-release Legion patch.
We are curious what our members' and former members' plans for this upcoming expansion are - send a message to Tenaya here, or in game!


09/30/2015 02:40 PM by Tenaya

It has been quiet in the Guildhall for quite awhile now.

This silence has come to an end, however, for with an influx of new members from Sajin's university's Gaming Club, and the return of longtime members Ulitha and Jaznie, we are back in action.

For now, facing the long content drought prior to the launch of Legion, we're primarily focused on whatever goals we may have as individual players - levelling alts to 100 (or mains, some of our new members are also new players!), PvP, professions, finishing the legendary questline, or even raiding - and we can expand, shrink, or focus those goals as we see fit.

Looking forward to seeing more of everyone in the coming weeks, be well!


Level 100 Activity!
11/29/2014 04:29 AM by Tenaya

We have our guild's first few 100's - Sajin, Rahkai, Toobooku, and Yueghna!
With a few others fast on their heels, we can look forward to starting our max level activities - we're just not entirely sure what those might be yet!

So let Saj, 'kai, and/or Yue know what you want to do, and we'll start laying the groundwork.
Ready to get geared for Heroics? Or forget the Iron Horde, the blue needs some bashing, why not take to the battlegrounds? Menageries can always use expanding... And the baddies now may look scary, so why not revisit more familiar faces with an extra ten levels under our belts?
Let us know!


Patch 6.0.2!
10/18/2014 02:35 AM by Tenaya

6.0.2 is upon us, bringing shiny new models for everyone but the sin'dorei, the stat squish, the ability prune, and of course the Warlords release event.

Sajin will be offline until the 25th for research purposes, but we hope you enjoy the patch!


Moving Forward...
07/07/2014 06:59 PM by Tenaya

After the meeting that was held on July 6th, we have decided to move forward on two fronts that we can.
- PvP is something that we can gear for relatively quickly, and then enjoy to some degree.
- There are also plenty of old raid achievements and old content that would be fun to go back and solo/duo/trio for kicks.

If you are interested in either, make sure you get in touch with Sajin!


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